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INFINITE SEO established in 2014, is a Search Engine Optimization service for any business to rank organically on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo.


SEO has revolutionized the seeking of knowledge & information in every conceivable form. Finding anything anywhere is made very easy today, with the developing of SEO. Today we are able to gather information on any subject or even people at our finger tips. Any information we seek is available, & finding them is as easy as clicking a few times on our computer.

In the years gone by, we had the inevitable encyclopedia which had information of that time stored in it. These were volumes of books, & we had to find the appropriate space to display them. When we wanted some information we had to pick through them & gather what we were seeking. With the advent of SEO this has changed.


Somewhere in the mid 1990’s web developers & content writers saw the need to put their websites on page one, when anyone searched a particular product, service or information. Getting their website on top became the most appropriate & noteworthy exercise. This became a very competitive area where providing information first became paramount.

SEO became that much more important to everyone, & the rat race began. Owners of websites realized the immense importance of having their information on top of the page when a search was initiated by someone. SEO was born out of this idea, that was imprinted in the minds of all. Being on top mattered & with it SEO became what it is today.


When we want to search something that we require in a hurry we turn to the easiest medium, the search engines for what we want. SEO if efficient for the product we seek will work behind the scenes to have that product listed on top of the search engine page. Finding the product we need right on top makes our life comfortable as we do not have to browse through pages & pages of information to get what we want. SEO is all about this exercise that prioritizes the information we seek & brings it up on the search engine page.


Every SEO company who is worth their salt will want to keep their clients on the top of the page, failing which they would still need to be on page one. To achieve this they must be on their toes, & keep their websites updated & also excited to find. SEO companies will do everything within their power to maintain the ground that they have so steadfastly fought for.

Gaining the top slot may be easy but holding on to it is the difficulty. SEO companies are very active throughout the day, 24/7 as it is a globalized competition with information being updated from around the world. Websites in one part of the world may be updating their’s whilst competitors on the other side of the world are fast asleep. SEO is all about being the “first bird out for the first worm” your position today cannot be taken for granted. It can change overnight & the SEO company will have to start all over again to claw back to the top which is an uphill task.


It is easier said than done because every SEO company strives very hard to maintain their position. The proper key words have to be identified & these too change very quickly. A keyword that we use today can be outdated the next day or even in the next couple of hours. Selecting the most appropriate keywords is important, as these are what would be highlighted when someone is looking for something.

We must realize that the world is awake every second & search engines are active right through. Some of the top players will worldwide appeal do outsource to strategic parts of the world for maximum SEO advantage. This keeps their respective websites on the ball 24/7, & they know that a slight slack on their part will bring them down from the pedestal.


SEO is to a very great extent dependent on selecting the right keywords, which is something like the fuel that runs an engine. It is the keywords that drive everything. SEO to be effective the selected keywords should hit the nail on it’s head as the saying goes.

The right keywords will promulgate the website to the heights it would want to be at all times. Selecting the right keywords is the knack in SEO, & doing it constantly day in & day out is what will keep you on top. SEO is in your grasp if you have the knowledge & experience to identify the right keywords constantly in this very competitive scenario.


SEO is a very competitive area which is always changing, with every website trying to outdo the other. SEO companies do not sleep, if they have the big corporate companies with them, as they have to keep their clients on the top always, & that is no mean task. SEO is always active to see that the ratings of their clients do not drop. If that happens regularly their clients are bound to seek solace elsewhere.

Once a client has contracted a company to do their SEO it becomes the prerogative of the SEO company to do everything within their control to hold a place & retain it too on top.


SEO bad practices are generally not encouraged by Google & other search engines, depending on what the gravity of the issue is the company can be banned from the search engine. Many large companies have been banned due to the unethical practices of some their SEO companies. Even large companies like BMW have been from time to time for bad practices.

This is not necessarily the fault of them but is generally due to the underhand in-disciplined attitude of their SEO handlers. In situations like this the parent company can be at the mercy of their SEO providers.


The three main search engines are Google, Yahoo & Bing who to a great extent carry all the web traffic that are made available to everyone. They are the main players in SEO, & keep the whole world wide web active. All the information we need is carried by them into the comfort of our homes & offices. Information is collated within their search engines.

These three major players to a great extent monopolize the information we access. They are like the when we need that information they deliver it to us. They give us the opportunity to SEO the information we need to distribute to the world.


SEO is also used very effectively in good marketing practices, as it is a tried & tested medium to promote products, services & ideologies. In today’s world selling & buying products have been made that much more fun. Products & services can be well studied, competitors scrutinized & decisions made in the comfort of your easy chair.

Customers have become more discernible & can be very choosy as they are being peppered with all sorts of information on what they want to buy. This could sometimes confuse the customer, hence it is important that only the relevant information is fed for them. Properly targeted SEO can eliminate confusion this is the correct platform to market your product or services. Confusion can change the customer’s perspective completely.


SEO must relate well to the search engine providers & make use of all the available resources, provided. Knowing what we can use from the search engine is important, as SEO does not make direct payments to them. This is the advantage that SEO has, as we can manipulate the search engine to our meet our needs, but within the set parameters of the providers. If we can achieve what we aspire to legally & ethically SEO is the ultimate medium to sell our products & services.


Different SEO companies practice an abundant of methods to place their sites on top, but whatever they do it is important that the customer or information seeker is ultimately satisfied with what he has acquired himself.

SEO is the answer to all the information we need to disburse. SEO has revolutionized the way we look for information & the way we buy products. Buying online is the future & SEO is the step into this millennium. Using SEO professionally & ethically is very important. We look forward to easy access to information, let us be seek it.

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